Golf Cart Service and Repair

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Jenkins Motorsports employs certified, professional golf cart mechanics with extensive training and expertise in golf cart repair and maintenance .  Since we service all models of Club Car, E-Z-Go, Cushman GEM, Icon, Tomberlin, Yamaha and Bad Boy golf carts, we can make it easy for you to keep your golf cart running all year round.

The proper care and maintenance of your golf cart or utility cart will guarantee years of dependable operation.  Also, you should treat your golf cart just as you would any automobile.  Bringing your cart in on an annual schedule gives us the opportunity to keep your cart in proper working order.

Additionally, unexpected failures or breakdowns can happen!  If so, we have you covered.  Jenkins Motorsports offers free pick-up and delivery within city limits of Lakeland and most of Polk County (depending on distance).

Cart Repairs Procedure:

  • The customer approves any/all suggest repairs 
  • Repairs are: parts and labor ($65/hr)
  • State of Florida requires us to collect sales tax on labor for mechanical repairs


Golf carts are, literally, small motor vehicles. Every cart and buggy has hundreds of moving parts which should be serviced or maintained on a regular basis. So, (like anything else) the better you care for your golf cart, the longer it will last and the fewer repairs it will need over time.


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Monthly Maintenance Checklist:

Don’t forget to check the water level in any and all batteries. If the water level is low, only add water AFTER you have fully charged your cart. Also, water level should be to the top of the plates inside the battery, do not overfill. The battery terminals should always be cleaned of any corrosive buildup. Any auto parts store sells terminal brushes that will safely remove the buildup. Most of all, remember you are removing a highly corrosive acid, so wear gloves, protective eye gear, and avoid contact with skin.

Also, check your motor’s oil (gas carts only). Make sure the oil level is acceptable on the dipstick while cart is parked on a flat, level service. Remember, the darker the oil the sooner it should be drained and replaced.

Annual Maintenance Checklist:

  • Front and rear spring bushings, hub grease fittings and bearings
  • Electrical connections on the brake shoes, drums, and brake cables 
  • Accelerator cables 
  • Front-end alignment
  • Battery charger, battery terminals, and load test
  • Tire wear & tear and air pressure 
  • Windshield clamps/clasps, secure canopy bolts, check runnings/brake/indicator lights 
  • Rear axle fluid and motor oil levels 

Finally, call us and schedule an appointment to have these items serviced on your cart or complete the Service Request form. An appointment ensures a guaranteed time-slot in our service calendar. Due to the time of year, day of the week, or existing service pick ups and deliveries we have several golf carts to service and repair each day. As a result our service schedule can be tight.